What is the Digi-Label Project?

The Digi-Label project is designed to help retailers empower their customers to buy more energy efficient appliances and lighting – pushing them towards the most efficient products on the market, cutting their energy bills and protecting the environment. While complementing current energy labels which display how efficient products are, the Digi-Label project has developed a tool, PocketWatt, to let customers view additional information electronically, such as how much a product costs to run and how it compares to other products in the retailer's store or website.

There are many benefits for retailers taking part in Digi-Label. Recent research suggests shoppers are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets to access information in store, and the additional information PocketWatt offers will encourage consumers to make a purchase there and then, potentially boosting store sales. Participating retailers will also place themselves at the forefront of empowering customers to make environmentally sound purchasing choices using digital technology – boosting the store’s brand recognition and meeting corporate environmental sustainability objectives. Retailers have the ability to input directly into the design of the PocketWatt app, and we will provide exclusive results to retail outlets on how people were using the app within their store - so they can use to stay one step ahead of the competition.

How can retailers get involved? There are two opportunities, either:

  1. by becoming roll-out partners, starting in late 2017 and continuing throughout 2018.  This phase of the project will concentrate on integrating PocketWatt into the retail sales experience in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.  All the retailers in these countries will be invited to incorporate PocketWatt into their customer sales solutions;  or
  2. by becoming active stakeholders by joining Partner Roundtable. Retailers are invited to become part of the Digi-Label Partners Roundtable, where we will analyse the pilots, the effectiveness of the tool, and redesign to better promote more efficient products.

If you would like to be involved in either of these two capacities, please get in touch via our contact form!

Download the Retailer Guide to find out more about the benefits of PocketWatt and how to promote it in your store or online.









  See also promotional material*  for retailers and consumers:

              1. Leaflet - aimed at consumers, this leaflet can be handed to consumers in shops. It explains what PocketWatt is about and its benefits.

              2. Product label - retailers can place this label on their products so that consumers will know where and how to scan the QR code.

              3. Poster - a small poster for environmentally-friendly retailers promoting Digi-Label.

              4. Web banner - a small web banner linking to PocketWatt. Retailers can upload it to their websites. 

              5. Small brochure - a small tri-fold brochure explaining the benefits of PocketWatt for retailers. 


*Promotional material was developed by the Digi-Label team and, like the PocketWatt, is free of charge. Get in touch if you'd like to display this material in your shop or website. 


The following training resources have been developed to support retailers implement and fully benefit from the tool

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